Reviews From All Acres Clients

My team and I at All Acres want to make sure each of our landowner clients are happy and are confident they made the right decision when selling their land to us. That’s why we ask clients to provide reviews to help us figure out how we’re doing. Not everyone completes a review, but we include it in our process for each landowner we interact with.

Throughout the process, I want you as the landowner to feel safe and secure, knowing that your property and situation are being handled professionally. I want you to feel you’ve been heard and feel understood by our team, and that you’ve gained something of real value by closing day (whether monetary, peace of mind, satisfaction, or all of the above.)

Like every business, trust and integrity is everything. And unfortunately, in the real estate business, these two critical elements are in very short supply. There are plenty of investors and buyers who are trying to make a quick buck, and helping people is mostly an afterthought at best. That’s just not the kind of business I wanted to be a part of. With All Acres, I resolved to work with landowners who genuinely needed our help. The bottom line is, if we’re not a good fit for you at All Acres, and there isn’t much value we can provide you, we’ll say so and refer you to someone who can get you what you’re looking for. That’s following the golden rule of “treating others the way you want to be treated,” and the kind of business I want All Acres Land Company to be known for.

I believe this basic, yet critical value is reflected in the kind of reviews we receive from landowners we’ve worked with here at All Acres. Below I’ve included some previous reviews of All Acres from past clients. It’s my team and I’s goal to add you to this list!

To your success,

Ray Seaman
Co-founder, All Acres Land Company

“Go for it”

To any individual who plans on working with Mr. Ray Seaman, All Acres, to sell land that had been left to them by family, I say, “Go for it.”  Mr. Seaman was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of selling my mother’s property. Either I would have had to do it myself or have his team do it for me. I decided it was too expensive for me to have the property turned over to me in my state, therefore I went the route of selling it to Mr. Seaman and having his team do the work. Ray paid all the expenses of transferring the land. His step-by-step approach throughout this whole process was great.  Working with him and his team of lawyers was sometimes challenging for me, but Ray was there to help every step of the way. 

- Barbara Duckworth

Highland Mills, NY

All Acres made an offer and a promise and they kept it…

Ray was great. My mom had a piece of property in Marion County, Florida, but Mom passed unexpectedly and I found out she had the land for over 30 years and never left a will. I was contacted by Mr. Ray Seaman at All Acres and I explained my situation and was impressed by the way he spoke with me. He said if I was interested in selling that he would take care of everything from getting the property in my name plus an Attorney and Probate Court for no charge. He took care of all the expenses. So I said yes, and he walked me through it step-by-step, and made it very easy. All Acres made an offer and a promise and they kept it. I received payment for the property, the price we agreed on, and no hidden fees. Mr. Seaman and All Acres Land were great. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy property. Straightforward and honest. Thank You, All Acres and you Mr. Seaman for everything.

- Bill DeVico

Boston, MA

My father left me a lot that I was told I wasn’t able to sell as I couldn’t get a clear title…

Thank you Ray Seaman and all the staff from All Acres for handling the sale of my property in Ocala.

My father left me a lot that I was told I wasn’t able to sell as I couldn’t get a clear title without going through probate in Florida that would cost me more than the property was worth. I’m from Michigan. I decided to let the property go to the state instead of paying the taxes another year.

I received a letter from All Acres stating that they could possibly help me and they did. They took care of everything in just a few weeks!

They paid for all the court fees and taxes that were due. The day the sale closed the money was deposited in my bank account.

I’m so glad I responded to Rays letter and to have this property taken care of.

I would highly recommend AllAcres to anyone looking to sell property They are all wonderful to work with !

Thank you again, Ray.

- Verna Fugere

Ludington, MI

Thorough and professional…

Ray and the All Acres team was very knowledgeable and helpful in working with me on the sale of my former land in Palm Bay. They were thorough and professional.

- Philip Mills

Palm Bay, FL

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