About The All Acres Land Company

Dear landowner (longtime, accidental, or somewhere in-between),

I co-founded the The All Acres Land Company alongside my wife Sara to help land owners sell their land on their terms. I’m also a licensed real estate agent with eXp Realty. I specifically got my license to be able to help out landowners no matter their situation.

Since 2019, I’ve been a part of more than a hundred land transactions – purchasing or selling – across several states. Along the way my team and I have learned a few things! Tax liens, probate work, encroachments, unresponsive buyers/sellers, the list goes on.

As a landowner myself, I know how difficult it can be to sell vacant properties, much less get reliable help, advice, and support. It’s a cliché and corny phrase, but real estate at its best is when everyone wins. That means truly listening to what a landowner has to say and fully understanding what they’re looking to accomplish. It’s my team and I’s job to provide helpful guidance and advice, and to tailor a solution that’s helps a landowner get to where they want to go. Sometimes thats a cash offer and a quick closing by our team here at All Acres. Other times, it makes more sense to list an owner’s land on the open market through my business at eXp Realty.

That’s the huge difference between what we do here at All Acres and every other land buying company out there: we have more than one tool in our tool belt.

At All Acres, we buy all kinds of vacant land – rural acreage, suburban lots, commercial and industrial land, and everything in-between.

The All Acres Land Company is based in Tallahassee, but we we buy vacant land throughout the state of Florida, Georgia, and elsewhere.

Reach out to me and my team any time about your vacant land. Our goal is to be your one and only stop for selling your land.

For genuine win-wins,

Ray Seaman (and Sara too)

Call us anytime! (850) 788-3767

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