How To Sell Your Vacant Land To The All Acres Land Company

We’re landowners as well and know the hassle it can be to sell a piece of land you don’t want. But we’ve honed in our land buying process into 4 simple steps to make turning your unwanted land into cash as simple as possible.

  • You provide some basic information about your land.
  • Our team will review your property and determine what we can offer.
  • Within 72 hours, we’ll give you a cash offer in the form of a written contract.
  • We close using a trusted title company.

Expected Timeframe:  The entire process can be done in 14 days or less. However, some areas require more due diligence time on our part. We’re happy to assist with title or probate issues as well, but know this will naturally extend our closing timeline. Once you contact us, we will have an offer for you within 72 hours.

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